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Objective: To co-relate the predominant age group and marital profile with the diagnosis of premature ejaculation in
a given sample of psychiatric patients, visiting a tertiary care out-patient department.
Design: Cross-Sectional, Co-relational Study.
Sampling Technique: Non Probability Convenience Sampling.
Place & Duration: The study was conducted in the out-patient department of Faculty of Psychiatry Liaquat University
of Medical & Health Sciences & Sir Cowasji Jehangir Institute of Psychiatry Hyderabad during the period from 1st Jan
2009 to 31st August 2009.
Subjects & Methods: Sixty four male patients with leading symptom of Premature Ejaculation were recruited from rest
of the patients. Socio-demographic data and a semi-structured proforma were put to record the data. Diagnostic &
Statistical Manual version IV Text Revised laid by American Psychiatric Association 2000 (DSM-IV TR 2000) was applied
to establish the diagnosis premature ejaculation.
Results: The dominant age range was found in 22-39 years i.e. 67.18% in 64 subjects study. Total married cases were
42 set to percentage 65.62 and singles were 12 set to percentage 18.75%. Dominant married and single cases are
between 22-39 years of age.
Conclusion: The study has analyzed the data of the patients suffering from premature ejaculation as their dominant
complaint resulting in lack of enjoyment in sexual interaction for either partner. The study detected the dominant age
range was within 22-39 years which is considered to be most active and reproductive age among male in a given socio
cultural setting. In a country like Pakistan where multiple cultures and complex diversities adjoined and family system
is relatively strong, the problem of premature ejaculation may contribute in damaging the fabric of the family specially
in married subjects. Since sexual difficulties have been understood to remain under-reported in most regions of the
world, premature ejaculation is not deprived of it. Concealment of this important sexual difficulty may rise up the risk
for co morbid mental illnesses and/or worsening the current illness.
Key words: Premature ejaculation, Age, Reproduction, Culture, Hyderabad, Pakistan
S Jamil Hussain
Fahad- ul-Zain
Altaf Qadir
Sana Wahid
Zulfiqar Lakhair
Wajid Ali Akhunzada