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Objective: The aim of the study is to find the frequency of surgical site infection following intestinal stoma closure
Material and methods: This study was conducted in surgical C unit, Lady Reading Hospital Peshawar. Through a
Descriptive case series study design, consecutive 139 patients requiring stoma closure were included in the study
between January, 2011 to June, 2012. Closure was done on the next day of admission by a senior resident, registrar
or consultant blinded from the details and inclusion of the patient in the study. Patients were advised to report to OPD
if they develop wound infection in between follow up visits.
Results: There were 139 patients with intestine stoma who underwent stoma closure and were observed for wound
infection, in which 104 (74.82%) were male and 35 (25.18%) were female patients. colostomy was done in 78
(56.1%) patients and ileostomy was carried out in 61 (43.9%) of patients. The age of patients included in study
ranged from 13 to 70 years. Average age was 35.69 years ±16.5SD. 11(7.9%) wound infections were observed
during the study. After 14-days of post-op follow up, wound infection was recorded in 9 (6.5%) patients, at 21 days
of follow-up it was seen in 5 (3.6%) patients and at 30th
day of post-op follow up wound infection decreased to just 3
(2.2%). Majority of patients were discharged at day 5 post operatively, average hospital stay was 4.96 days + 2.06SD
with a range of 3-10 days.

Muhammad Asghar Khan
Asif Imran
Hasib Nawaz
Attaullah Arif
Asad ullah