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Objective: The study was aimed to determine the level of depression and contributing factors that causes depression
among osteoarthritis patients.
Methodology: A total of 100 patients were selected for survey of osteoarthritis patients from different hospitals of Islamabad
and Rawalpindi. Data was collected through questionnaire including becks depression inventory scale and
SPSS version 19 was used for statistical analysis.
Results: Out of 100 Patients, 53 were female and 47 were to male. Among the 53 females 33 were severly depressed
while in among 47 male only 22 were severly depressed.The data showed that age group of 56-60 was more frequently
depressed i.e. 36% compared to the age group 51-55 was severely depressed. The patients having no physical activity
(retired) were more frequently (58%) involved while severity of depression was high in heavy work participants (100%).
The participants having osteoarthritis having age less than 2 years were more frequently depressed (41%), while the
disease duration of less than 6 years were more severely depressed (75%). The groups of patients who got medication
were more frequently depressed i.e. 48%, while the groups of patients on self-treatment were more severely depressed
8 out of 12. More than 75% relief was observed in patients getting physical therapy treatment.
Conclusion: It was concluded that depression was present in osteoarthritis patients and was in high frequency. Majority
of the patient did not get treatment for depression, they received treatment only for osteoarthritis. There was a lack in
referral system toward physical therapy and psychotherapy.
Key words: Depression, Osteoarthritis, Physical therapist, General Practitioner, Physical Activities.

Abdul Ghafoor1
Mahrukh Khattak1
Ghadir Ali
Amir Mohammad
Rizwan Ahmed3
Khalid Javed3
Arshad Parvez2
yasir jalal