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Objectives: To find out frequency of various risk factors of illegal induced abortions.
Material and Methods: This was descriptive study performed in Gynae “B” Unit LRH from July 2010 to June 2012.
This study included 40 consecutive cases of illegal induced abortion. All patients with history of illegal induced abortion
admitted through OPD or casualty were included. Relevant information was recorded on a predesigned questionnaire
prepared in accordance to the objectives of the study. An attempt was made to find out risk factors due to which women
resorted to illegal induce abortion and their attitude towards contraception was assessed.
Result: The frequency of illegal induced abortion was 2.2%, of total abortion related admission. Thirty five (87%) illegal
abortion were performed in first trimester. Twenty nine (72.5%) cases were above 31 years of age. Ninety nine (97.5%)
patients were married and 1(2.5%) was unmarried female. Thirty two (80%) were illiterate. Thirty (75%) belong to low
socioeconomic class, while only 20 (50%) had education up to primary and secondary. The illegal abortions were higher
in older 29(72.5%), grand multiparous 27(67.5%), poor 30(75%) and illiterate 32(80%) women. The most common risk
factor of illegal abortions were large family size (50%) and poverty (25%), less common were contraceptive failure 12.5%
rate, 2.5% not wanted children (due to education problem) 5%, married with illegal pregnancy 2.5%.
Conclusion: The most common risk factors of illegal abortion were large family size, poverty contraceptive failure

Farhadia Sadaf
Shandana Bawar,
Samina Zahid
Rehana Rahim