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Background: Meningiomas are an extra-axial central nervous system tumors most often discovered in middle to late
adult life, and are more often seen in women. Ninety percent of meningiomas are benign. Meningiomas usually grow
slowly, with a long initial asymptomatic phase. Complete resection is often curative. For the majority of incompletely
resected or recurrent tumors not previously irradiated, radiotherapy is administered.
Objective: To know the early post-operative complications of intracranial meningiomas.
Material and Methods: This cross sectional descriptive study was done in neurosurgery department of Hayatabad
Medical Complex, Peshawar, from 1st January 2016 to 1st October 2017. After taken an informed consent a total of
57 patients with intracranial meningiomas, irrespective of gender discrimination and Glasgow coma scale score of 10
and above were included in this study. Meningioma was diagnosed on CT-scan brain and MRI Brain. All the patients
were followed up till 72 hours post-operatively for the determination of any complications. All the above mentioned
information including name, age, gender and address were recorded in a predesigned proforma. The data was analysed
using SPSS-17. Frequency and percentage was calculated for categorical variables. Mean ± SD was calculated
for age. Results were presented as tables and graphs.
Results: A total of 57 patients having meningioma were operated. Age ranged from 20 years to 70 years with mean
age 41 ± 2.1 SD years. There were 35(63.41%) female and 22(36.58 %) male. Convexity meningioma was the commonest
location in 26(45.6%) patients, parasagittal 16(28.07%), sphenoid wing meningioma 11(19.29%), olfactory
groove meningioma 3(5.26%) and tuberculum sella meningioma in 1(1.75%) patient. The common clinical presentation
was headach 54(94.73%) and seizures 47(82.45%). Post-operative complications were infection 9(15.78%), CSF leak
6(10.52%), brain edema 3(5.26%), neurological deficit 1(1.75%), hematoma 1(1.75%), and all these complications were
treated conservatively. In this study 1(1.75%) patient had died.
Conclusion: Meningioma is a lovely tumor if it is totally removed, it will not only give completely cure to the patient

Rizwan Ullah Khattak
Shahid Ayub
Kamran Ullah Khattak
Riaz ur Rehman
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