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Objective: To determine the outcome of plastibell circumcision technique in sons of doctor community.
Materials and methods: 30 consecutive children of doctors community who underwent plastibell circumcision in Private
medical centre in Peshawar, Pakistan over a period of 1 year were retrospectively reviewed .All children of age ranging
from 7days to 1 year of age were included. The record of all the cases fulfilling the inclusion criteria were obtained and
analyzed for determining the outcome and complications if any.
Results: A total of 30 children fulfilling inclusion criteria of the study were studied. Mean age was 6 months. No major
complications noted during study period. Pain was the main complaint noted by parents in all the cases ,followed by
minor skin infection in 7boys(23%),urinary retention in one case(3.33%),bleeding in 2 boys (6.66%).1.4 size plastibell
was most commonly used .Delayed separation of the ring was noted in 4 boys(13.3%).Mean operative time noted was
9.5 minutes . No conversion to formal circumcision noted and cosmetic appearance was acceptable to all the parents.
Conclusion: Plastibell circumcision is a safe technique in experienced hands. Most of the doctors recommend this
technique for their son’s circumcision because it is performed with local anesthesia, quick, safe and easy to perform.
Outcome of this procedure is encouraging.
Keywords: Plastibell, circumcision, circumcision technique

Muhammad Uzair1
Riaz Ahmed Khan Afridi1
Musarrat Hussain2
Munir Ahmad1
Muhammad Fayaz6
Asif Ahmad6
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