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Objective: To evaluate the complications of acute pancreatitis in general population.
Methods: The study is cross sectional. The study was conducted in radiology department of Hayatabad Medical
Complex Peshawar . Duration of the study is from January 2014 to January 2015 . A total of 150 patients presented
with abdominal pain were included in this study.
Results: Total of 150 patients in the general population having abdominal pain and vomiting were evaluated on CT
scan. 105(70%) patients had pancreatic and peripancreatic necrosis.
30(20%) patients had peripancreatic necrosis. Pancreatic necrosis alone was seen in 12(8%) of patients. Infection is
very frequent in pancreatic necrosis . Infection occur in about 75(50%) patients. Foci of air in pancreatic necrosis is a
strong clue of infection. Pseudocyst was found in 27(18%) patients.
Conclusion: This study concluded that CT scan plays an important role in diagnosing the complications of acute
pancreatitis . Radiologist plays a key role in the imaging of acute pancreatitis and its complications by selecting the
most appropriate imaging techniques that help in diagnosing local complications which in turn will guide management
decisions and reduce morbidity.
KEYWORDS: Pseudocyst, Pancreatic necrosis, Peripancreatic necrosis , Acute fluid collections.

Mehreen Samad
Ghazala Wahid
Muhammad Nawaz
Neelum Wahid
Journal Issue: