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Background: Jaundice is a common problem in medical and surgical practice. The surgical jaundice can be caused
by the obstruction of the bile duct as with gall stones, strictures, malignancy, such as cholangiocarcinoma in which is
persistent and progressive, Periampullary carcinoma, carcinoma gall bladder and carcinoma head of pancreas.
Objective: To assess frequency of common etiology of obstructive jaundice among patients presenting to Northwest
Hospital and Research center Peshawar.
Place & Duration Of Study: Study was conducted in North West General Hospital & Research center Peshawar from
Jan 2014 to September 20th, 2015
Material and Methods: The study was conducted at Surgical department of North West General Hospital & Research
center Peshawar from Jan 2014 to September 2015 Peshawar. The study design was cross sectional. A total 100
patients were included in this study by purposive sampling (Non probability sampling). Inclusion criteria include all
male and female patients of age 30 years and above with Clinical jaundice having serum Bilirubin more than 1.20 mg/
dl, having Alkaline Phosphatase levels more than 306 mg/dl.
Results: The mean age was 49.81 ± 12.88 years with the range being 30 to 80 years. Overall the leading age group
was age 43 to 53 years 34.6%. A Total 48% were found to be males with choledocholithiasis as the most common cause
of obstructive jaundice. Females were more commonly affected by obstructive jaundice 52%. Choledocholithiasis was
most common cause i.e. 57%. Amongst malignant causes Carcinoma head of pancreas was the leading cause 23%
Conclusion: The commonest causes of obstructive jaundice were choledocholithiasis and carcinoma head of pancreas
respectively. In females choledocholithiasis was the leading cause. Local guidelines should be formulated to facilitate
timely investigation and management and avoid complication. There are various causes due to which the normal flow
of bile is obstructed
Key Words: Frequency. Obstructive, jaundice, etiology. Choledocholithiasis, Carcinoma head of pancreas.

Tariq Jabbar Khan
Sidra Jabbar Khan1
Jibran Jabbar Khan
Parkha Jabbar Khan
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