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Objective: To study the feto maternal outcome of pregnancy complicated by severe pre eclampsia.
Materials and methods: This descriptive study, was carried out on 115 patients admitted in emergency with severe
pre eclampsia at Hayat Abad Medical Complex, a tertiary care hospital in Peshawar from 1st july, 2016 to 31st june
2017. Detailed history, examination and relevant investigations were performed on each patient. Obstetric management
was done as per our unit protocol. Feto maternal complications were noted down and also ante natal booking status
was assessed.
Results: Total 115 cases with severe pre eclampsia were studied. Majority, 105 cases( 91.3%) were unbooked and
only 10 cases (8.69% )were booked. Placental abruption was seen in 3 cases (2.60%), PPH in 6 cases (5.21%), renal
impairement in 26 cases (22.60%), liver impairement in 32 cases (27.82%), DIC in 12 cases (10.43%), eclampsia in 4
cases (3.47%), HELLP syndrome in 26 cases (22.60%), pulmonary edema 2 cases (1.73%), T.E in 1 case (0.86%) and
maternal mortality in 3 cases (2.60%). Preterm delivery was seen in 58 cases (50.43%), IUGR was seen in 27 cases
(23.47%) and IUD in 30 cases (26.08%).
Conclusion: In our study liver dysfunction was the commonest maternal complication found in 32 patients (27.82%),
followed by renal dysfunction and HELLP both observed in 26 (22.60% ) cases. Prematurity was the commonest fetal
complication found in 58 cases (50.43%). Majority patients 105( 91.30%) were unbooked in our study.

Bushra Rauf
Saadia Shamsher,
Rabeea Sadaf
Iqbal Begum2
Journal Issue: