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Hypospadias is a congenital anomaly in which due to the incomplete fusion of urethral folds the meatus opens on the
ventral surface of the penis. It s the most common congenital malformation of the urethra with the prevalence of 1 in
200-300 live male births. The early complications are edema, hematoma and wound infection which occur within one
week after the 1st stage of the procedure. The aim of the study is to determine the frequency of early complications of
two staged AB repair. The rationale of the study is that if the early complications rate of two staged AB repair comes
out significantly lower than other studies then it will help reconsider the existing guidelines of hypospadias surgery.
MATERIAL AND METHODS: This study was conducted at Plastic and reconstructive unit Hayatabad Medical Complex
Peshawar for the period of 24 months (from August 2011 to July 2013). The total sample size was 369 patients. More
over this was a descriptive cross-sectional study in which non-probability consecutive sampling technique was used.
RESULTS: In this study mean age was 3 years with standard deviation ± 1.24. All the patients were male in which 35%
patients had edema, 4% patients had hematoma, and 2% patients had wound infection.
CONCLUSION: The most common early complication is edema and it can be reduced by meticulous handling of
tissue and use of loupe magnification, the operative time is reduced to less than 60 minutes to prevent prolonged use
of tourniquet.
KEY WORDS: Hypospadias, Aivar Bracka, 2 staged hypospadias repair, edema.

Habibullah Shah
Uzair Ahmed Qazi
Huma Gul,
Saadia Atta Khan
Rashid khan
Journal Issue: