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Objective: To determine the frequency of microalbuminuria in the patients of essential hypertension.
Methodology: We enrolled 273 consecutive patients with essential hypertension for this study. The patients were col-
lected from the medical unit Hayatabad Medical Complex Peshawar. The working diagnosis of hypertension was made 
on the basis of history of hypertension or a blood pressure of 160/90 or above. Patients with any evidence of secondary 
hypertension on the basis of previous history or investigations, were excluded from the study. Diabetic patients and 
patients with reasons other than hypertension for albuminurea, were also excluded from the study. Patients having 
albuminurea of upto 300mg/24 hours urine specimen, were labeled as having microalbuminurea.
Results: This study was conducted in Medical Unit, Hayatabad Medical Complex, Peshawar. Two hundred and seventy 
three hypertensive patients were enrolled for the study. Duration of this study was 8 months from December 2014 to 
July 2015.
Out of 273 patients, 54.7% (n=150) were males while 45.3 % (n=123) were females. Mean age in years was 57.01 
years. Microalbuminuria was found to be present in 24.5 % (n=67) patients.
Conclusion: The prevalence of microalbuminuria in essential hypertension is high and patient with microalbuminuria 
have high odd for developing target organ damage like stroke, left ventricular hypertrophy, hypertensive nephropathy 
and hypertensive retinopathy. Early screening of hypertensives for microalbuminria and prompt treatment of positive 
cases might reduce the burden of mentioned complications in community.
Key words: Chronic kidney disease, essential hypertension, Microalbuminuria, Target organ damage.

Nazir Shah
Afhseen Mehmood
M. Usman Khattak1
Aman ullah
Khalid Shahab
Journal Issue: