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Objectives: To evaluate the mode of head injuries in children.
Material and Methods: Material and Methods: Material and Methods: Material and Methods: Material and Methods: This observational study was conducted at the Department of Neurosurgery, Post-
graduate Medical Institute, Lady Reading Hospital, Peshawar from July 2010 to June, 2012 (2 years). All patients
below 15 years of age who were admitted in the unit with head injuries irrespective of their gender were included in
the study. Those head injured patients with age more than 15 years and treated without admission was excluded
from the study.
Results: Results: Results: Results: Results: We studied 2178 hospitalized children with traumatic brain injuries (TBI) during the study period, of which
61.6% were boys and 38.4% girls with boy girls ratio of 1.6: 1. Most of the patients (60%) were in the age range of 6-
10 years followed by those between 11-15 years (25%) and 0-5 years (15%) respectively. About 52.7% [1148]
patients were city residents and 47.3% [1030] patients came from rural villages. Fall (55%), road traffic accidents
(25.99%) and physical assault (19%) was the mode of head injuries. Most of the patients (73%) were treated
conservatively and mortality in severe head injured was 29.91%.
Conclusion: Conclusion: Conclusion: Conclusion: Conclusion: Pediatric head injuries are more common in male children between 6-10 years of age. Fall is the most
common mode of injury followed by road traffic accidents and physical assaults which can be prevented by in-
creased parental care, house safety and implementing the traffic rules. There is immense need of pediatric neuro-
surgery unit and intensive care unit at every district level.
K K K K Key W ey W ey W ey W ey Words: ords: ords: ords: ords: Traumatic brain injury, shaken baby syndrome, craniotomy, severe head injury.

Zahid khan
Seema Sharafat
Ali Haider
Khalid Khanzada
Mumtaz Ali
Shahid Ayoob
Rizwan Khattak
Mohammad Siddiq