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Objective: To know the prevalence of different gynecological problems in female medical students
Material and methods: This is a cross sectionals descriptive study that was carried out from Jan 2010-June 2010.
The study was conducted in three main medical colleges in Peshawar, Khyber Medical College, Khyber girls’ Medical
College, and Kabir Medical College Peshawar. Female students were given a questionnaire to complete.
Information related to age at menarche, gynecological problems specially menstural problems and treatment practices,
drug history were all noted on Performa. The data was analyzed using SPSS 10 version. Descriptive statistics were
Results: The study subjects included all unmarried female students of all professionals like first year, second year, ,
third year,, fourth year, and final year MBBS students of selected Medical colleges. Total 210 students were interviewed.
The mean age of participant was 20.96 years. (17--25 years).In 31% of girls {65 students} the age of menarche was
of <12 year. Majority of the students( 115), attained menarche at the age 12-15year (54.7%).After 15 years of age the
no of girls were 30 (14.3%).
Regarding menstruation 50.5% were of normal cycle, and 49.5% were of abnormal cycle ( 20.5% have irregular cycle,
18.1% have menorrhagia, 3.3% oligomenorrhea and amenorrhea was found in 16 girls i,e 7.6% , in which 3 girls have
primary amenorrhea and 13 girls have secondary amenorrhea).
50% students have dysmenorrhea, 36.7% have Premenstural syndrome, 55.7% have vaginal discharge, 13.8 %hirsuitism,
and 14.3% girls were found with obesity.
Conclusion: The mean age of menarche in our setup is 13.5 years.
The main outcome measures about the gynecological disorders in medical students

Saadia Shamsher
Farhat khanum
Mehar u nisa
Iqra masood
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