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Background: Majority of patients presenting to our units with ischaemic strokes have diabetese and hypertension.
However there are patients who do not have these classic risk factors. Searching for other risk factors in these patients
may help in preventing strokes. Prediabetese as a risk factor for ischaemic stroke in our set up has yet not been taken
seriously. This research work has focussed on determining the frequency of prediabetese in iscaemic strokes.
Aim &Objective: To determine the frequency of prediabetese in patients presenting with ischaemic stroke
Material & Methods: A simple proforma having details of the case was filled from each patient who presented to our
unit with ischaemic stroke. Record of previous sugar levels and fresh samples taken in fasting state along with HbA1c
where needed was kept which was processed later on through SPSS.
Study duration: Prospective study conducted from March 2013 to March 2014
Inclusion/exclusion criterias: Patients with ischemic stroke and atrial fibrillation due to valvular heart disease,prothrombotic
diseases, connective tissue disorders and other known causes of ischemic stroke e g infective endocarditis,sickle
cell anemia, disseminated intravascular coagulation etc were excluded from the study.All other patients whose ages
were more than 18 and presented to us with ischemic strokes were included in the study.
Conclusion: Considering the frequency of impaired fasting glucose in patients with ischaemic stroke,it is the need of
the hour to asses our patients thoroughly for prediabetse.
Key words: prediabetese, impaired fasting glucose, ischaemic stroke

Muhammad Usman
Muhammad Zafran2
Nazir Shah
Said Amin
Noor Wazir
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