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Aims & objectives; To determine the frequency of use of prophylactic antithrombotics in patients with atrial fibrillation presenting as stroke
Exclusion criteria; All those patients having intracranial tumor, myeloproliferative disorders, aplastic anemia, acute leukemia, bleeding/coagulation disorders not due to antiplatelets /anticoagulants use, stroke not related to atrial fibrillation or its treatment, cases with AF and stroke but not fulfilling the criteria for indications of prophylactic antithrombotics and all cases with rheumatic valvular disease were excluded from the study.
Inclusion criteria; All cases with stroke and AF of age 18 years or more and not having the above mentioned exclusion criteria
Material & Methods; Patients presenting with features of stroke were thoroughly examined after obtaining a detailed history of their current and previous cardiac/noncardiac illnesses and previous or current use of antithrombotics. A predesigned proforma was filled from each patient and subsequently the data was processed through SPSS.
Conclusion; Majority( 64.1 %) of patients with AF and stroke were not on antithrombotics. Among those on antithrombotics (35.9 %), Aspirin was the most commonly prescribed agent. Use of prophylactic antithrombotic agents in our set up is still not upto the mark. Adhernce to Criterias meant for estimating the risks of thrombosis and bleed may help in recommending antithrombotic agents in atrial fibrillation .
Study setting; Hayat Abad Medical Complex Medical A unit Duration of study; one year ( Feb 2011 to 2012)
Keywords; Antithrombotic Agents (ATA), Atrial Fibrillation(AF), Stroke

Muhammad Usman
Mohammad Bilal Khattak
Muhammad Zafran
Said Amin
Noor Wazir