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Aim and objective: To determine the risk factors in children with epilepsy.
Material and methods: This study was carried out in the Pediatric Outdoor patient in the department of Kuwait
Teaching Hospital Peshawar, Pakistan. The study period was one year from 2012-2013. This was a descriptive
observational study. All children presented in OPD with unprovoked seizures during last 5 years were included
during study period. Patients with febrile seizure or focal deficit were excluded from study. Data was collected on the
specially designed Performa and the risk factors were identified among the patients.
Results: We enrolled 193 patients as a whole. 19 were excluded from the study as EEG was normal in these
patients. In our study about 46% of parents of patients were close relatives with 27.5% having family history of
epilepsy. Perinatal risks include history of prolong labour in 25% of cases with meconium staining in 3% and history
of delayed cry in16.6%. New born distress was present in 54.55% of cases. Post natal CNS infection was in 8.6 % of
cases while history of head trauma was significantly present in 18.9% of cases. 48% was having history of develop-
mental delay manifestation to variable extant.
Conclusion: Perinatal distress, family inheritance and head trauma were strongly associated with epilepsy which
later on might manifest in the form of developmental delay or epilepsy syndrome. Early onset epilepsy was mostly
associated with perinatal distress.
Key words: Risk factors, epilepsy, children.

Shazia Aurangzeb
Muhammad Ali Noman