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Background: Maternal deaths during pregnancy are one of the major challenges for Pakistan. In order to utilize the
available resources effectively, the knowledge about figures and trends of maternal mortality are of paramount
importance. It is also essential for monitoring the progress towards the achievement of millennium development goal
5, the target of which is 75% reduction in maternal mortality ratio (MMR) from 1990 – 2015 .This article focuses on the
trends in the maternal mortality and associated maternal health indicators in Pakistan from 1990 to 2010.
Material and Methods: Literature review of articles, National Health Surveys and reports from the International
Organizations between 1990 and 2010 regarding maternal deaths in Pakistan was done. Information was obtained
by searching Pub Med, Science Direct and Medline databases.
Results: Maternal mortality ratio in Pakistan has gradually reduced from 490 in 1990, 340 in 2000 to 260 per
100,000 live births in 2008. There is a slow progress in antenatal care coverage, deliveries performed by skilled
attendants, deliveries at health facilities and utilization of caesarean section services. Post partum haemorrhage,
puerperal sepsis and eclampsia are the leading causes of maternal deaths in Pakistan. Poor quality and inaccessibility
to health care facilities, gender inequality, high fertility rates, poor utilization of contraceptive methods and
malnutrition are important determinants responsible for high rate of maternal deaths.
Conclusion: Pakistan has shown slow progress since 1990 towards targeted reduction in maternal mortality. However,
it is on the track to achieve 75 percent reduction in MMR by 2015.
Keywords: Trends, Maternal Mortality ,MMR.

Rahat Jabeen
fouzia gul
Bushra Raouf
Sadia Irum
Sitwet Fatima
Sadia Ali