The Pattern of Obstetric Patients Presented to Tertiary Care Hospital during the covid 19 pandemic: A single centre experience

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sadia shamsher
Shazia Tabassum
Samia Tabassum



  The COVID-19 pandemic is a global emerging concern regarding the imminent adverse effects during pregnancy. This study reviews issues related to COVID 19 during pregnancy and delivery and will lead to describe the different presentation of obstetric cases in terms of mode of delivery, complications in pregnancy and fetal presentation.


To see the different obstetric complications, mode of delivery and fetal presentation in covid 19 pandemic.

 Methods:  Descriptive cross-sectional study from 15th March 2020 to 15th June 2020. All pregnant patients presenting in Gynae and Obstetric ward Hayatabad Medical Complex Peshawar in Covid-19 pandemic.

Results: Total 1367 cases of pregnant women were identified with different presentations in pandemic COVID- 19 admitted to Gynae department Hayat Abad medical complex Peshawar. Different complications related to pregnancy, mode of delivery and fetal presentation were noted. Four patients required admission to an intensive care unit.  Most common complication was gestational hypertension. The mode of delivery was normal vaginal delivery and cesarean sections. Most patients who presented in obstetric department were multi gravidas. Fetal distress and meconium stained liquor were common among normal Apgar score babies. Two maternal deaths were reported. There were twelve neonatal deaths. Preterm births and post term pregnancy were common among normal cases.  

Conclusion: This study conclude that maternal and fetal presentations were due to stress and anxiety, unavailability of antenatal checkup, routine OPDs and clinics. Unwillingness of patients for hospital treatment and preference of home delivery.

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