Long-term outcome of laparoscopic & open Palomo varicocelectomy in terms of complications and recurrence rates

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Ashfaq Ur Rehman
Muhammad Alam
Siddique Ahmad
Muhammad Iftikhar
Sohaib Ali


Objective: To investigate the long-term outcome of open and laparoscopic Palomovaricocelectomy in terms of complications.

Methods: Data was obtained prospectively about clinical features, complications, recurrence during the two-year period. Statistical analysis was done in order to compare the long-term outcome for the procedures.

Results: 72 patients fulfilled the inclusion criteria with a mean follow up time of 16.25 months ± 4.99 SD. Out of these 42 (58.3%) were treated with the open technique while 30 (41.7%) with laparoscopic technique. Overall mean age was 23.82 years ± 4.86 SD with a mean duration of symptoms 11.06 months ± 5.59 SD. 72.4% of complications were encountered within the open Palomo technique group while 27.6% of complications occurred in the laparoscopic group. Similarly, 62.5% of the total recurrent cases occurred in the open group while 37.5% of recurrent cases occurred in the laparoscopic group. Median overall complications rate for open technique (mean rank = 40.00) and laparoscopic technique (mean rank = 31.60) were statistically significantly different, U = 483, z = -1.976, p = 0.048. The distribution of recurrence rates across the two treatment groups is also not significantly different, U = 618.00, z = -0.252, p = 0.801. On the other hand, the distribution of the varicocele grade was not statistically significantly different across the treatment groups, U = 582, z = -0.604, p = 0.546.

Conclusions: Laparoscopic and open Palomo techniques for varicocelectomy have comparable outcome in terms of recurrence rates. Overall incidence of complications is higher in the open group.

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