Risk factors associated with surgical site infection post-appendectomy

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Khayam Akbar
Farman Ullah
Abdul Wahid
Tariq Jamil


Objective: To find out possible risks factors associated with surgical site infection post-appendectomy. SSI is multifactorial and there is threat of serious surgical site infection in complicated ruptured appendicitis.

Methods: Observational cross-sectional study conducted at the general surgical ward of Hayatabad medical complex (HMC). Total 40 patients having appendectomy procedure taken into study. Data collected through Research Questionnaire. Variables of risk factors like age, gender, comorbidities, surgery duration, type of procedure, postoperative antibiotics, and surgeon experience, collected and analyzed.

Results: It was revealed that among 40 patients 11(27.5%) developed SSI. The overall rate of SSI is 27.5%. The age of 40 patients ranged from 10-69 years and it was highest 60% in age group of 40-49 years. Among 40 patients, 57.5% are male and 42.5% are female. SSI in males is 26.08% and in females, it was 29.41% slightly higher than males. SSI in procedures performed by TMOs is 46.66% and those by assistant professors is 25% and by the professor is 7.69%.

Conclusions: It can concluded from study that surgical site infection is multifactorial. Patient-related risk factors, surgery-related risk factors, can cause surgical site infection. Host factors like obesity, diabetes, can cause surgical site infection. Duration of surgery, type of surgery, gangrenous and ruptured appendicitis, and experience of operating surgeon greatly contribute to occurrence of SSI. Therefore, quality of surgical care including immediate patient assessment, preparation of an aseptic environment can reduce SSI.

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Farman Ullah, Rehman College Of Allied Health Sciences

Graduated from Rehman college of Allied Health Sciences

Hassnain, Rehman College Of Allied Health Sciences

Graduated From Rehman college of allied health sciences

Abdul Wahid , Khyber teaching hospital Peshawar, Pakistan

Manager in operation theatre department at KTH Peshawar, Pakistan 

Tariq Jamil, Rehman College Of Allied Health Sciences

Lecturer at Rehman College of Allied health Sciences Peshawar Pakistan