Level Of Knowledge About Cervical Cancer Risk Factors in Women Presenting with Vaginal Discharge

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Saima Akbar
Qamar un Nisa
Muhammad Ishfaq


Objective; The objective of this study was to assess the level of knowledge about the risk factors of cervical cancer in women presenting with vaginal discharge.

Methodology; This cross-sectional study was conducted at Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology, Khyber Teaching Hospital Peshawar. Sample size was 177, using 8% average knowledge about CC, 95% confidence level and 4% margin of error. All female patients 16 to 65 years of age with complaints of vaginal discharge diagnose through history and physical examination were included. All of them were asked 10 multiple choice questions and the patient response was recorded in a pre-design proforma.

Results; A total of 177 patients presenting with vaginal discharge were interviewed. Their age ranges from 16 to 65 year with a mean of 33.47 ± 12.561. All patients were assessed for their level of knowledge regarding risk factors for cervical cancer by asking 10 multiple choice questions from each subject. Patients were categorized into three groups as having good, average and bad knowledge on basis of number of questions answered correctly. Among 177 subjects 1.7 % has good, 16.9 % has average and 81.4 % has poor knowledge.

Conclusion; This study has demonstrated that level of knowledge about risk factors of cervical cancer was very poor among local population visiting the hospitals. Only 1.7 % of study population has good level of knowledge Therefore, there should be comprehensive national cervical cancer screening and awareness program.

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