Perception of Nurse Managers Regarding Barriers to Patient Safety in Public Sector Teaching Hospitals of Peshawar

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Afsha Awal
Dildar Muhammad


Aim: This study was conducted to explore perceptions of nurse managers regarding barriers to patient safety in public
sector teaching hospitals of Peshawar.
Design: A qualitative case study design was used to explore perception of mangers regarding barriers to patient’s safety.
Methods: Focus group discussions were used to collect data from nurse managers in three public sector teaching
hospitals of Peshawar. Total six focus groups discussion were conducted. Data was analyzed through thematic analysis.
Results: Five main barriers to patient safety were identified by participants including work overload, scarce resources,
lack of professionalism, lack of competence and poor management. Perceived barriers to patient safety identified in
this study need to be properly addresses to improve patient safety in public sector hospitals of Peshawar.

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