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Nasir Islam
Muhammad Iqbal
Abdul Malik
Shahid Ali Shah
Ibrar Mohibullah Wazir
Shehryar Mohibullah


Objective: “To determine the incidence risk of stroke after Cardiopulmonary Bypass Grafting (CABG) in Lady Reading Hospital Peshawar.”

Methodology: The cross-sectional quantitative project was undertaken in the Cardiovascular Surgery Department of Lady Reading Hospital, KPK, Pakistan (LRH). The period of this study was six months. Data was collected from two hundred and twenty-one patients who were participants of the study. SPSS version 14 was used for data analysis. Stoke was stratified by gender and age to see the stratal effects. A p-value of less than 0.05 was taken as significant in the chi-square test after data stratification.

Results: Two hundred and twenty one patients who had CABG in the cardiology unit of LRH were included in our study. The gender distribution of the participants was 1.63:1 male to female with the average age of the participants being 64.79 years +7.79SD with a range of 50-80 years. The stroke in patients after CABG was observed in 17(7.69%).

Conclusion: We found in our study that the incidence of post-CABG stroke is common after 55 years of age. Whereas stroke incidence increases further in patients who get an MI within a day of surgery

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